Guess How Many People Viewed Solar Eclipse?

NASA’s said they had 90 million page view with 1 million simultaneous people viewed solar eclipse¬† on their website. NASA broke all previous web and social view records. Agency officials mentioned “With more than 90 million page views on and, we topped our previous web traffic record about seven times over. For much of the eclipse, we had more than a million simultaneous users on our sites. On social media, we reached more than 3.6 billion nonunique users, and Twitter reports there were more than 6 million eclipse tweets that day.”
“The numbers alone are several times larger than reported streaming numbers for recent Super Bowls, putting the eclipse in the realm of major news, sports and entertainment events,” said agency officials.

The United States has not had an eclipse for more than 30 years and coast to coast for a hundred years. This has brought a lot of excitations to many of them.

A graph comparing traffic during the eclipse to other space-related events over the past few years, including the historic overflight of Pluto from New Horizons, the discovery of the liquid on Mars, the arrival of Juno spacecraft to Jupiter and the discovery of new exoplanets, Emphasizes its enormity. The eclipse was also the largest public event of the recorded government since the federal digital analysis program was founded in 2012.

The eclipse was greater on Facebook than any of the previous four Super Bowls, with 66 million people creating 240 million “interactions” for the eclipse compared to 50 million to 65 million people for football matches since 2014.