Another company in the race of Space

Vector, a satellite launch provider Pace Micro News, has a successful suborbital flight of its test vehicle B0.002 performed a full-scale prototype of the company’s vector-R launch vehicle. The launch is the first spaceport of Camden in Georgia, which was originally used by NASA in the 1960s for static fire tests on ground, from large solid rocket engines.

One of the main objectives of the test was the demonstration and evaluation of the next generation additives manufactured engine injector, developed through collaborative research with the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. This injector was crushed last month tested an earlier version was used in May in the first B0.001 vehicle launch vehicle. This launch also marked the first time Vector tried to boot the main booster engine with spark ignition technology developed by the University of Alabama-Huntsville and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

This latest test comes hand in hand with a $ 21 million series. A round of financing led by Sequoia Capital, with the participation of Shasta Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. With this latest round of vector funding stated that it will accelerate its flight test series, the development of its first GalacticSky satellites, opens its headquarters in Silicon Valley and begins construction of a missile factory in Pima County, Arizona.