Are Aliens responsible for HENGE’S on Mars?

Recently a perfect stone circle was found in the images taken by the Curiosity Rover droid NASA, which is taking samples and picture on the martial surface of Mars. The stone circle found on the red planet looks as if it is eroded and something big was present in that place. Avid alien seeker Streetcap1, based in Scotland, was responsible for the find. The findings have started lot of debates about the perfect stone circle found on Mars.

YouTube channel SecureTeam10 shared the find, saying: “This is a very strange formation of rocks put together in what appears to be a very artificial way.

“What we are seeing looks very different from the craters on Mars and the moon.

The “perfect circle” was spotted in official pictures taken by the rover.

“It almost looks as if these rocks were arranged in this circular formation or this could potentially be some sort of ruin that’s part of some larger structure buried beneath the surface.”