3D Printer to Build Building on Mars Autonomously

3D-printing has advanced enough that it can even produce entire buildings, putting current construction companies in a bind. However, MIT just unveiled a machine that can print buildings autonomously, using materials that it finds in its surroundings. This could be placed in Mars ahead of astronauts to create structures that could be usable by the time humans get there.

The machine in question is called the Digital Construction Platform (DCP) and is the most advanced 3D-printer in terms of versatility. Fully customizable, the machine can create any structure of any size, Futurism reports. What’s more, MIT is planning on making it completely autonomous and capable of using materials from its immediate surroundings in order to build structures anywhere.

As far as uses go, the DCP would be perfect for the colonization of Mars because it would mean fewer things for astronauts to bring with them. Bio-domes or air-locked buildings aren’t exactly light, which would affect spaceflight schedules and travels.

(Photo: Steven Keating, Julian Leland, Levi Cai, and Neri Oxman/Mediated Matter Group)

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