SpaceX could send you on a Mars vacation

Elon Musk wants to rocket you to Mars — if you’re ready to wager at least $200,000 and possibly your life on it.

Musk’s mission to the Red Planet involves reusable rockets, meaning lower launch costs, which might explain why that ticket price isn’t zooming into the millions (yet). His futuristic vision is to go beyond just Martian tourism and make homo sapiens “a multi-planetary species”. Sounds daring enough, right? Daring enough that you know there has to be something more behind it.

There has been considerable skepticism about why the unofficial estimate for a ticket to space doesn’t shoot into the seven digits. Even recycled rockets can’t possibly make the cost of actually living on Mars much easier on an Earth bank account. While 200 grand convinces ordinary Earthlings of an opportunity for an especially futuristic future if they save over an extended period of time, the reality is that this might just be some well-devised advertising.

“I hope you’re all thinking about your tickets to Mars,” Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, told attendees at the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs this week, according to reporting by Inverse.“[Reusability is] really a tremendous capability, and I highly recommend it for all of you,” she added.